Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Free Font - Edding 850

Design & Dev reports: [edited]

Büro Destruct is an internationally acclaimed design studio based out of Switzerland. The team, very well-known for its type design, has just recently crafted a typeface based on Edding 850, the boldest marker from Edding (the German equivalent to the ubiquitous Sharpie).

As the font evolved, it was broken down to its simplest form, based only on the thick and thin strokes, which created a modular system that could be assembled digitally.

The resulting typeface is quite impressive and distinctive, and the accompanying HTML5 web app should catch even more attention. It is an “endless whiteboard, following the principle of Edding marker – what has been written, can’t be erased.”

For a gallery of examples of this typeface being used, click here

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