Friday, 13 January 2012

Canon Powershot S100

Digital Photography Review have published a comprehensive review of Canon's flagship 'enthusiast' compact.

Conclusions [edited]

The S100 combines the best qualities of a pocketable point and shoot and an enthusiast compact camera. It provides well thought-out full manual control in a form factor approaching the size of Canon's Elph series.

Canon S100 boasts fast continuous shooting speeds and short shot-to-shot times. The S100 is one of the few compact cameras that stays light on its feet even in RAW+JPEG mode (assuming you're not trying to shoot continuous bursts).

The S100 produces well-balanced JPEG images that are full of detail and color. In typical Canon style, minimal default chroma noise reduction in the S100 results in JPEG images that retain a good amount of low-contrast detail without appearing desaturated.

Overall, the S100 is very competitive: it is capable of delivering very good image quality in an addictively small package, in a wide range of shooting environments. It is also a genuine pleasure to use, thanks to its effective and well thought-out operational ergonomics.

The Canon S100 is well-suited to two types of photographers: compact camera shooters looking to upgrade to a similarly small camera with more control, raw mode and better image quality, and DSLR photographers looking for a compact 'take anywhere' pocket camera with much of the same manual control as their larger cameras.

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