Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Five Free Fonts

Pablo Impallari is a Php programmer who has recently turned his attention to typography and font development.

Cabin Font is a clear, readable san-serif that falls somewhere between Bliss and Trebuchet. It is available in three weights, including a full set of true italics (unlike Bliss!).

Quattrocento has a 'Roman inscription' flavour. It's no Trajan, but works fine in upper case.

Dancing Script is a pleasant lightweight erm... script.

Terminal Dosis Font is a postmodern sans that falls somewhere between Din and Isonorm... some of the kerning pairs are awful, but it is very readable at small sizes.

The Lobster Font is a bold display script with some pleasant flicks and touches.

For a sample PDF, click here.

And they're all available as webfonts.

Thanks to Conrad for the link

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