Friday, 30 April 2010

Western Digital release 750GB laptop drive

ZDNet reports: [edited]

The new Scorpio Blue 750GB SATA hard drive from Western Digital (model WD7500BPVT, ~ $120) is the new mac daddy in mobile hard drives, raising the bar for 9.5mm, 2.5-inch mechanisms to a massive 750GB. Previous 9.5mm high, 2.5-inch hard drives maxxed out at 640GB. The new WD drive spins at 5400 RPM and features a 3Gb/second SATA interface and 8MB of cache.

Monday, 26 April 2010

Thursday, 22 April 2010

Wednesday, 21 April 2010

YemuZip reports: [edited]

Drag, drop, done. Making zip files cannot be any easier.

YemuZip is an easy-to-use Mac application for making zip files. Just drag, drop, name your zip file and you're done.

The Finder's Archive function makes zip files that contains Mac-specific information that, when extracted on a PC, looks like garbage. YemuZip lets you choose between a PC-compatible format and a Mac format that preserves all the Mac-specific metadata.

YemuZip is free for personal use.

Monday, 12 April 2010

Adobe Creative Suite CS5

Adobe's latest upgrades to Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, Dreamweaver, etc... have just been officially released. For more information, click here.

Visit Terry White's Tech Blog for videos featuring his top five new features on each of the suite's programs.

iPad illustrations reports: [edited]

Three illustrations for an article in best-selling Greek computer magazine RAM about the future of publishing and media in the new era of iPad, iPhone and the other new smart devices.

Made with Synthetik StudioArtist and Adobe Photoshop with custom developed techniques and scripts.

- - - - -

Brett's 2p'orth: make sure to scroll down to the bottom of the article to check out the 'zoomed-in' images.

Thursday, 8 April 2010

Free font - Raleway

Font Squirrel reports: [edited]

Raleway is an elegant sans-serif typeface, designed in a single thin weight. It is a display face that features both old style and lining numerals, standard and discretionary ligatures, a pretty complete set of diacritics, as well as a stylistic alternate inspired by more geometric sans-serif typefaces than its neo-grotesque inspired default character set.

Tuesday, 6 April 2010

70 Photoshop Typographic Tutorials

Design Feed reports: [edited]

The aim of this post was to create a resource which can be used as a reference point for designers to expand their knowledge on how they can use Photoshop in order to create spectacular text effects.

Thursday, 1 April 2010

iPad reviews round-up

Jason O'Grady reports: [edited]

You don’t have to wait until Saturday. The first round of iPad reviews are in.

Wall Mossberg (WSJ)
- “After spending hours and hours with it, I believe this beautiful new touch-screen device from Apple has the potential to change portable computing profoundly, and to challenge the primacy of the laptop. It could even help, eventually, to propel the finger-driven, multitouch user interface ahead of the mouse-driven interface that has prevailed for decades.”

David Pogue (NYTimes) - a) from his “techie” review: “The bottom line is that you can get a laptop for much less money — with a full keyboard, DVD drive, U.S.B. jacks, camera-card slot, camera, the works. Besides: If you’ve already got a laptop and a smartphone, who’s going to carry around a third machine”

b) his “everyone else” review: “The iPad is so fast and light, the multitouch screen so bright and responsive, the software so easy to navigate, that it really does qualify as a new category of gadget. Some have suggested that it might make a good goof-proof computer for technophobes, the aged and the young; they’re absolutely right.”

Ed Baig (USA Today) - “The first iPad is a winner. It stacks up as a formidable electronic-reader rival for Amazon’s Kindle. It gives portable game machines from Nintendo and Sony a run for their money. At the very least, the iPad will likely drum up mass-market interest in tablet computing in ways that longtime tablet visionary and Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates could only dream of.”

Andy Ihnatko (Chicago Sun Times) - “What happens when computer designers lets go of every instinct that’s hardwired into their DNA, and starts practically from scratch? They create the iPad. The iPad user experience is instantly compelling and elegant. It’s not every computer and every function. It’s a computer that’s designed for speed, mobility, and tactile interaction above all other considerations.”